Rajaa Benjelloun

Born November 16, 1965 in Casablanca, Rajaa Benjelloun spent her childhood in this city where her artistic sensibility developed very early. She naturally directs her studies towards a bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts. His early works allow him to participate in several exhibitions and the realization of a fresco at Al Khansâa high school.

In 1985, she left Morocco for Paris in order to continue her art studies. She obtained a degree in Plastic Arts from the University of the Pantheon Sorbonne. Expatriation frees her from traditional family supervision, but she remains strongly attached to her roots. His art takes on a new dimension. Arabic calligraphy appears in an original and unusual staging and decor. In 1989, she participated in the creation of a fresco at the University of the Sorbonne.

In 1990, she undertook, as part of her master’s degree, the writing of a thesis devoted to Arabic calligraphy. She deepens her knowledge of the diversity of forms and aesthetics of this art. His technique is personalized. The signs take on relief and sometimes appear entangled. The background creates a texture specific to each composition. His work powerfully expresses the contradictory feelings felt by the artist far from his native land, fulfilled by his new freedom and his integration into French culture.

She held her first exhibition as an accomplished artist in April 1990 in Paris at the Art et Vie association. The confirmation of his artistic maturity came to him in January 1992 during the exhibition of his works at the Institute of the Arab World.

Since then, each new exhibition is an opportunity to discover with delight new works, which always surprise us with the emotional strength of their message inscribed in a secular tradition… and yet so contemporary.

Philippe Jury