"Art and Peace"
Organized by the association Mieux Vivre and the Town Hall of Nanterre. Nanterre (92) 2002.
Exhibition/private sale, jewelry and paintings. Rue des Beaux-Arts. Paris (06) 2002.
"Nanterre Expression"
0rganized by the Nanterre tourist office.
"Choreography or Calligraphy!"
Organized by the association Le Mieux Vivre. Nanterre (92) 2001.
Realization of a calligraphic panel
Realization of a calligraphic panel with the students of the college and high school Molière. Paris (16) 2000.
"Traces of the past"
ARCIMA Art Gallery, Latin District Paris 1999.
Artur Andersen Company. Neuilly sur Seine (92) 1998.
"Unknown to memory"
Exhibition and round table on the memory of Andalusia. Orleans (45) 1997.
"Clameur d'exil"
International day against racism, Town hall of Sarcelle (95) 1997.
"The Colors of Memory"
International Women’s Day. Town hall of Sarcelle (95) 1997.
"The alphabet of the secret"
Cultural event in Morocco 1996.
"The star of silence"
Select hotel, Saint Michel, Montmorency (95) 1996.
"Matter and expression"
International African Festival Vincennes, Paris (94) 1994.
"Calligraphy as secret prophecy"
Hotel Forest Hill, Paris 1994.
"Tradition and Avant Garde"
Institute of the Arab World. Paris 1992.
"A contemporary Arabic calligraphy"
Association Art et Vie. Paris 1990.
Participation in the creation of a wall fresco. Pantheon Sorbonne University. Paris 1990.
Creative Workshops
Animations of Arabic calligraphy and jewelry workshops for children and adults.

Collège Descartes (95), Lycée Molière Paris, City Hall of Courbevoie (92), association AIF Colombes (92), and the association Le Mieux Vivre, Nanterre (92).