It was love at first sight. I was only 9 or 10 years old in the engraving workshop of my uncle Aziz at Fez, when I discovered for the first time the Arabic calligraphy.

My uncle wrote the names of the deceased with beautiful calligraphic letters that he then engraved on marble. I was captivated and impressed by how powerful and magical these curves and letters were.

Since that day, calligraphy and I became inseparable. It has transported me and transformed my body and soul. It has bewitched me with its beauty, its elegance and its poetry. I found myself through its lines and its letters which allowed me to escape towards the freedom of being. Its presence in my creative universe became indispensable.

This is how the nickname of “miss calligraphy” and then “miss calli” was granted to me.

“Miscalli” became an obvious choice. I liked the name and its phonetics resonated with me.

Miscalli is unique, just a few variants that are declined and agree as if by magic with the intoxication of the letters.

“La Muscaline” (the sensual one), a wine of all sensuality, a blend of Johannis and Muscat.

Or “La Mescaline” which is a drug.

The Arabic Calligraphy is at the same time this sensual wine, “La muscaline” which brings pleasant feelings of wellbeing and relaxation, and which allows me to escape towards this universe where the magic of the imagination plunges me in the happiness of the creation.

It is also this drug “Mescaline” that gets into the veins of my letters and transports me in the ecstasy of love and creation.