Rajaâ Benjelloun, Spiritual and Aesthetic

When writing becomes sculpture where the East mixes with the West, it is undoubtedly a work of Rajaâ Benjelloun.

This young and talented artist-painter creates with her fingertips and from the depths of her soul, majestic masterpieces of emotional beauty. Because each of these calligraphies is the fruit of both spiritual and aesthetic reflection. This means of expression has always occupied an important place in his life.

Born in 1965 in Casablanca, Rajaâ Benjelloun spent her entire childhood in this city. After obtaining an artistic baccalaureate, she went to Paris, and continued on her way, her studies at the Sorbonne-Panthéon, in 1990, she exhibited for the first time, at the Art et Vie association.

The confirmation of his artistic maturity came to him in January 1992, during the presentation of his works at the Arab World Institute. Completely different from traditional Messaoudian art, Rajaâ Benjelloun cuts out his words in cardboard painted with gouache, and brings them to life through an original staging and decor.

The background, covered with silk thread, creates a texture specific to each composition.

A veritable fresco of emotion that you can discover on display…

Warning the eyes !

Exposition du 20 Janvier au 20 Février 1996
Lundi 15 Janvier 1996 – Page 8