The star of silence

Arabic calligraphy covers a great diversity of writing, perfected through the ages and codified by precise rules, which give the Arabic language incomparable aesthetics and beauty. Escaping Islamic references, Rajaâ Benjelloun chooses the words or phrases that allow him to best express his emotions. She uses the movements of the letters to complete the meaning of the written message with their plastic expressiveness. The shape of the letters is respected, but their arrangement does not always allow the legibility of the text. The calligraphy is an integral part of the rhythm of the painting, which it supports and completes.

Rajaâ Benjelloun’s art reflects both the attachment to his Moroccan culture and the taste for freedom.

The calligraphic signs are the intimate reflection of the spirituality of the artist, nourished by these roots. They are highlighted and occupy the central place of the work. The background highlights them and expresses the artist’s universe, alternately oppressive or wildly cheerful, dark or luminous, tumultuous or serene.

Each painting is a real pure emotion, which the artist shares with us with force. The artist surrounds it with finesse and natural modesty. The work imposes itself at first glance, but only reveals its quintessence to the most attentive. Some subtle details, masked almost unconsciously, are real keys giving access to greater intimacy with the artist’s message.

Rajaâ Benjelloun manages to reconcile in his hybrid art the best contributions of Eastern tradition and Western modernity, for our greatest pleasure.

Philippe Jury
Président d’Arabesques
Association pour la promotion des Arts Calligraphiques