Meeting with an unusual woman

Artist, calligrapher, she is a trapeze artist on the wire of two worlds, others would say, no doubt, tightrope walker, equestrian of yesteryear… tan her work is based on a perilous exercise: to recreate the memory transcended by an inner revolt in reverse, to liberate the present dominated by a desire to be oneself, inscribing the future in a plural conjuncture that would leave room for tradition from elsewhere and embrace modernity from here are the ingredients of the cocktail that inspire his works.

One word can change a life!

An artistic discipline jostled, shaped, retamed… reveals to us a chrysalis aware of the earth, ahead in oblivion. Rare are those, touched by the clemency of heaven, to whom the privilege of the gift of remembrance is reserved!

Rooting in the Moroccan origins of Rajaa Benjelloun, drawn from their primary sources: Arab, Berber, African civilization… gives meaning to myths, symbols, gestures. It is for her a marvelous springboard of musical resonances which allows her to use her palette like a living and animated score of colors and life giving the whole the appearance of a choreography tinged with gold where the movement of the letters intertwining lets perceive the essence of a mute thought.

The strength is there! … The letter !

Original source of recognition, fundamental link between the ages, durability of the multiple resulting from one.

Overcoming such a challenge by freeing oneself from the shackles imposed by the scheduling of a sacred ritual setting the rule of Arabic calligraphy is a challenge reserved for beings soaked in bronze.

Neither brush nor ink, armed with a scalpel like a cif, she slices and chisels like Isis, restoring form and life to Osiris. The call of Samarcande makes her prefer paper, which she transforms into signs. From her fragility that has become armor, he returns to her the plots of emotion tinged with sweetness that she rearranges into an eventful ballet, a veritable flock of swallows, which for a moment freezes and lets itself be imprisoned in a case of color.

His works reflect the atmosphere of Moroccan living spaces with their colors, their flavors, their musicality… Culture, society, memory, distance, will be the mark of a song that can be seen.

Michel ARAB
September 1999
La Médina n°3 Décembre-Janvier 1999-2000